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Class Schedule

Class Schedule

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HIIT it Hard

Learn efficient training methods that are fast, furious and fun.  You will burn calories and fat using HIIT methods that add intensity to your workout without all the impact of other popular programs.  Plan to work your entire body while using a variety of equipment.

Boot Camp
Intense cardio class designed for lifters and extreme sport enthusiasts.  Boost your workout with an explosive conditioning class to improve your power, speed, and agility.  Be ready for a great workout!

Alternate between resistance and cardiovascular stations.  This cross training class burns lots of calories! It raises metabolism by increasing muscle strength and tone.

This stationary bike program challenges your lower body on flat roads to hills and is an excellent cardio workout.


TRX, also known as Total Resistance Exercises, refers to a specialized form of suspension training that utilizes TRX bands.  TRX is a form of suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.  


​This is a full body jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming.  It fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and isometric poses into a great workout that can burn up to 900 calories per hour.

Zumba combines high energy and motivating music with unique Latin-based moves and combinations that allow the Zumba participants to dance away their worries.  This fun and easy to do workout is great for the mind and body