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Existing Memberships

Existing Memberships

Upgrading/Downgrading - A Family member(s) to Your Account
Anytime during your membership, a family member(s) can be added to an account or downgraded off an account.  Minimal paperwork is required and can be done at the front desk.

Put Your Membership On Hold
If you are incapable of using the facility do to an unforeseen medical condition, we can put your membership on hold up to 6 months.

Change Membership Information
If you need to change your phone number, address, bank account or credit card information, just come down to the club and fill out a change form.

As stated in your agreement, it needs to be a 30 day written notice to the Club.  At the time of cancellation your account will cancel one month from your next bill date.  Example: If you cancel on May 25th, your last bill date would be June 1st and your membership would be canceled the 1st of July.